About us.

"We're a rural property business that specialises in site finding and advice for commercial occupiers"

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Who are we?

We focus purely on occupiers of the rural commercial market to help them achieve their property needs.

What do we do?

We provide strategic direction, searching expertise and ongoing advice to all types of occupiers.

How we can help?

By demistifying the murky world of rural property we enable businesses to realise their potential.

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Meet us.

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Ed Daniell.


Ed has worked on both sides of the fence and talks both languages. He trained as a land agent where he gained experience of rural property from the landowner's perspective before moving in house as Head of Property for a Private Equity backed, rural based consumer business.

He now has over 10 years experience in the sector and an extensive black book of landowners and agents looking to commercialise their rural assets.

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Founder & Chief Finder


07917 853301

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How we can help you.

We understand that finding rural space isn't as easy as you might think. That's why we set up ruralspace.

We can help you find your first or multiple locations anywhere in the UK and advise on any matters that follow so you can get on with running your business.

We're not just agents looking for a quick deal. We understand, from experience, the importance of selecting the right site for your business and building a lasting relationship with the landowner. That's why we do most of our work off market.

We deal with all types of rural space; land, woodland, barns, yards, lakes, rivers, anything in a rural setting.

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Get in touch to find out how we can help you

07917 853301

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How we can help you.

As the rural world evolves and changes we understand the need to find new ways to diversify your income streams.

We also understand how hard it is to find good and reliable tenants, that's why we set up ruralspace.

We see huge opportunity within the sector. There is increasing demand from occupiers to find great locations. By getting to know landowners and their assets we can help speed up and simplify the process for both sides.

If you want to hear about new opportunities and to be part of our growing network of landowners looking to commercialise your rural assets please sign up here:

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How we can help you.

Are you on the lookout for new ideas to present to your clients? Do you have great opportunities on your client's properties but need occupiers to help get the ball rolling? Do you feel your client's assets could be working harder for them?

We set up ruralspace. to help with all these questions. If you have a project in mind or need help finding the right occupiers for your clients then please get in touch.

We have clients looking for opportunities across the country and would be delighted to hear from you, wherever you are.

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Get in touch.

whatever your interest we'd love to hear from you


m: 07917 853301

e: ed@ruralspace.uk

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Registered Office: Piper House, 4 Dukes Court, Bognor Road, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom, PO19 8FX

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